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What does this site do? Where are the available tools?

What can i do?

See what's playing

By using the currently playing app, you can see what is playing and what has played recently.

Top tracks and artists

From your profile, you can see your top artists and tracks from varying timescales.

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If there are any issues, improvements or suggestions please using the contact form to notify the development team.

More Coming Soon

More content will be coming in future updates, such as playlist analysis.

How does it work?

1 — Login to the website with spotify. We don't store any of your data

2 — When you are signed in, you are given a token which is attached to your account

3 — This token lasts an hour and is used to get data from spotify for your account

4 — This data is then formatted and displayed to you!

Where are the available tools?

Currently Playing


Top tracks and artists